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Building Engineer (Baguio City)

·        Candidate must be a Licensed Electrical Engineer

·        At least 2 years working experience as Property Engineer
·        Knowledgeable in conducting Preventive Maintenance and supervision of all in-house engineering works
·        Ability to implement appropriate facilities maintenance programs and measures that adhere to standards and applicable laws and regulations
·        Computer literate
·        Results-oriented and with good leadership skills
·        Good in oral and written communications;
·        Hardworking and honest


  • Regular inspection of building facilities that include escalators, elevators, generator, transformers, A/C systems, exhaust systems, fire alarm systems – pump motors, lighting systems, building sound system, etc.

  • Attend to all repairs immediately

  • Implement preventive maintenance on all equipment

  • Supervision of building electrical wirings, cablings, and lighting facilities

  • Supervise building works including tenant renovations; verify if all works conform to the approved plans.

  • Monitor productivity of all personnel under you

  • Counter check power and water meter billing

  • Coordinate with all preventive maintenance agencies

  • Monitor agency personnel when conducting preventive maintenance

  • Implement control on tools, equipment/parts pull-out

  • Update and maintain equipment, tools, parts inventories

  • Counter check / verify deliveries

  • Canvass supplies, equipment part, construction materials, other tools and equipment whenever needed

  • Prepare maintenance reports and other related matters

  • Other technical works that will be assigned to you

  • Other related matters given by superior

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